Current Conditions in the Commercial Real Estate Market Have Created an Extraordinary Opportunity for High-Yield Investments.

Dandrew is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the current market dislocation. We have an excellent track record in post-credit crisis environments and an industry-leading operational team.

Fundamentals in Commercial Real Estate Have Remained Strong

  • Current market conditions are a result of lack of funding and forced liquidations.
  • Lenders are restricted to lending to a handful of developers, limiting new capital in the market – and any new supply.
  • Until liquidity returns, repriced assets will be unattractive to conventional banks.
  • We view the dislocation as an extraordinary opportunity.

We Partner with a Variety of Investors

  •  Institutional Investors
  •  Smaller Pensions Funds
  •  High-Net-Worth Individuals
  •  Family Offices
  •  Endowments

They Have One Thing in Common. They Want Meaningful Yields on Their Investments.

Many who work with us were seeking high yields in mainstream investments with high volatility and risk, such as high-yield bonds, equity investments in REITs and other such investments. But they eventually realized that these types of investments do not provide much control or safety. As a result, investors and beneficiaries can be put at risk.

Our strategy is focused on alternatives within the fixed income class that can provide higher yields with more control and less risk.

Proven Strategies to Reduce Risk

Are you concerned about the risks associated with alternative investments?

When do you do them in ways that can actually provide security in both good and bad markets?

A foundational source of our success is our buy-and-hold strategy in assets with strong, stable cash flows.

A Window of Increasing Opportunity

We expect that there are approximately 3 to 4 years for our fund to capture the valuable opportunities that exist. There are a variety of reasons the opportunities will continue to increase:

  • Historic supply of maturities coming due during the next 5 years
  • High demand for capital from middle-market sponsors
  • Fewer capital providers in middle-market commercial real estate

Unique Network of Industry Contacts and Sourcing Ability

We offer the prospective investor an unrivaled combination of advantages.

Dandrew Partners utilize investment professionals located nationally who leverage local market knowledge, expertise, and relationships. Our investors benefit from local know-how in sourcing, assessing and helping us make opportunistic investments in different markets.

We Offer:

  • An extensive network of contacts with expansive market reach to source meaningful deal flows
  • Existing relationships with real estate capital partners in debt financing, mezzanine financing, preferred equity, joint venture equity and sponsor equity, as well as relationships with established operating partners
  • Exclusive “first looks” at premier transactions through our cultivated network
  • Unique access to fractured/fractionalized trust deed holders and owners of foreclosed properties
  • Ability to leverage fundamental bottom-up real estate investing expertise
  • Depth to substitute experienced operators/sponsors where needed to achieve the highest equity recognition

A Variety of Insightful Debt Products to Our Investors Are Provided

Dandrew provides regionally focused investments throughout the contiguous United States.

  • Sector-focused investments, including a multi-family fund and core funds focused on high-quality, well-located, stabilized real estate investments
  • Operator-focused investments, with real estate operators who specialize in smaller transactions

We’re Set to Capitalize on the Exceptional Opportunities

Dandrew is set to capitalize on the exceptional opportunities with our focus on distressed real estate where pricing levels are meaningfully below historical replacement costs.

Management principally continues to advise on and purchase distressed assets with complicated capital structures. Our unique understanding enables us to unlock value by unwinding such structures.

Our dedicated developers and asset managers have deep experience implementing tactical strategies at the asset level to create value.

Dandrew’s focused investment process does not compete with other market participants, for example, with commercial mortgage backed securities. Our expertise allows us to expand the typical investment universe.

Examples of Our Recent Investment Activity:

Principal Purchases

Recently, Dandrew provided over $70 million in capital solutions to failed residential private mortgage pools and smaller regional banks – a strategic move that resulted in exceptional ROI to our investors.

Transaction Advisory

Dandrew’s principles continue to provide legal and strategic advice to Reg D private mortgage managers facing formal investigations – an ongoing activity that creates immediate investor value.

Join Us

We invite you to join us as we realize the profit potential of our timely investment strategy.

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We’re happy to discuss investment opportunities with you by telephone or in person. Alternative investments entail substantial risks and may not be suitable for all investors.